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Roof: The Director of Water

Posted by parker in Residential Roofing. 1 Comment

17th December

It’s the time of year for owners to give serious attention to roof maintenance.  We are entering the winter season and this is when your roof will likely experience the most stress.  Establishing a regular roof maintenance program will protect your investment and will ensure your roofing system is operating optimally.  Years of life can be added to your roof by identifying and fixing those small problems before they become big problem. Unplanned fixes result in the dreaded unplanned cash outlay.

The primary purpose of any roof is to redirect water.  Precipitation, in all its forms, is a roof’s #1 enemy.  Fortunately on the west coast we don’t worry too much about the hazards of snow but our sometimes legendary rainfall amounts do require vigilance in the maintenance of roofing systems.  These systems provide safety from the elements, protect our contents … Read More »