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The Mighty Shingle

Posted by parker in Residential Roofing. 1 Comment

2nd April

The modern asphalt shingle is made from fiberglass and has an asphalt saturated base. This granule covered side blocks ultraviolet light (slowing deterioration), provides physical protection against the elements and also allows for a wide variety of color options. The fiberglass base makes the shingles strong, fire resistant and difficult to tear even in high winds. Shingles were invented in 1901 and originally were made from organic materials like cotton.

At one point in time there used to be an ‘Asphalt Shingle and Research Institute’ that was responsible for the many innovations and changes in asphalt shingles. That organization was replaced by the ‘Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association’. When shingles are designed there are several qualities that must be considered: Shape/Texture, Solar Reflecting Ability, Wind Damage Resistance, Hail Damage Resistance, Fire Resistance, Algae Resistance, Locking Shingles & Durability.

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