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Safety, Saddledome & Worksafe

2nd May

Jay Beddows, Parker Johnston’s Safety Practitioner and chief safety resource, has developed a working philosophy over his 8 years in this capacity. He believes the company achieves the best safety results when there is ‘buy-in’ to the company’s safety program from all levels of the organization. Jay believes this is won through education, consultation and constant open communication. The managers are given the tools and knowledge to implement Parker Johnston’s safety program within their respective divisions, and Jay’s role is to act as a resource when assistance is required.

The Calgary Saddledome project provided Jay with an excellent opportunity to test this philosophy and management style. Parker Johnston bid on, and won, this project in June, 2013. It was both high profile and risky the company’s B.C. operations precluded Jay from being on-site in Alberta. He travelled to Calgary, met the … Read More »