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Green Roofing

Green roofs comprise of growing medium placed over layers of different membranes for root protection, drainage, and waterproofing.

Installing a green roof instead of a conventional roof provides the following benefits:

• Rain water run-off is reduced,
• Lower air temperatures as the roof doesn’t contribute to the heat island in urban centres,
• Habitat creation for plants and birds,
• Opportunity for urban farming,
• Demonstration of building owner’s commitment to sustainability.

There are two types of green roof:

1. Intensive green roofs have a deep layer of growing medium that can support many more varieties of plants, fruits, and vegetables. These are heavy and can require stronger structures to support them.
2. Extensive green roofs, on the other had, have only a thin layer of soil, and as such are much lighter. These roofs can support fewer types of plants. They are perfect for ground-covering grasses and mosses that are native to the area and need no maintenance to grow.

Parker Johnston has been involved in most of the large commercial sustainable building projects in Victoria and on Vancouver Island that feature green roofs. We are now proud to serve you in Calgary and Edmonton.

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