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Low Slope Roofing

Our commercial flat roofing team are experts in the traditional tar and gravel roofing systems; modern torch-applied two-ply systems; and advanced rubber, PVC, and thermoplastics applications. Offering our services in both Victoria and Calgary. These roofing systems are most often used with large warehouses or commercial complexes. On such large buildings, locating and repairing improperly installed membranes can be a costly venture, so it is imperative that membranes on this type of roof be installed correctly.

EPDM (Single Ply)

Single-ply roofing systems are popular roofing membranes for building owners with construction time constraints. Single-ply membranes come in various thicknesses and require different application knowledge and techniques.  At Parker Johnston Industries Ltd., we are manufacturer-trained in heat welding, rubber application (EPDM), and solvent application of single-ply roofing systems.

We are an approved applicator of Sarnafil PVC, Johns Manville PVC, Carlisle TPO, Genflex TPO, Lexcan/Stevens Hi-Tuff EP, Firestone TPO, and all EPDM systems on the market.

Built-Up Roofing (Tar & Gravel)

The conventional tar and gravel roof is actually a composite of felt paper and oxidized asphalt. The newer tar and gravel roof systems utilize many different products in their assemblies. Due to the decreasing quality of the roofing felt paper and the oxidized asphalt, other products have begun to emerge as carriers (felts) and adhesives (asphalt). Most recently the development of rubberized asphalt as a base adhesive as well as glass or composite ply felts as a carrier for the asphalt, to prevent it from moving on the roofs surface, has resulted in high quality roof systems with a traditional “tar and gravel” appearance. New age tar and gravel roof systems greatly outperform their earlier counterparts and provide the lasting durability that a home or building owner desires. Pictured below is a tar and gravel roof assembly utilizing asphalt and SBS rubberized felts. Life cycle costs for such a roof system are extremely low.

SBS (Two-Ply)

A two-ply SBS roof system, or as it is commonly known, a torch-on roof, is rapidly becoming the most in-demand roofing system in the commercial market today. These systems consist of a polyester or fiberglass reinforcing matt sandwiched between two layers of rubberized asphalt, and are durable and quick to install.

An improperly installed torch-on roof will likely fail within the first two years of use. Applicator quality is one of the only sure ways to eliminate costly replacement. Parker Johnston Industries Ltd. guarantees our two-ply SBS roof systems for 10 years against defects in workmanship. We are confident that our roofs will last. The quality of different two-ply SBS systems varies and cost is not always the best measure of performance. We have the expertise to make the best recommendation for your roof.

Single-Ply Membrane (TPO/PVC)

Single-ply roof systems represent a cost-effective means of covering large areas of roof in a short period of time. Single-ply membranes, particularly heat-welded membranes, are an integral part of the commercial roofing market. Single-ply membranes have been commonly used for over years, but recent advances in polymer technologies have made them more cost-effective.

Single-ply roofing membranes offer many options in varying thicknesses and densities depending on project requirements. These include fully adhered, mechanically fastened, ballasted and metal retrofit. At Parker Johnston Industries Ltd., we also offer a selection of interlocking rubber pavers, walkway-pads and rolls to create recreational or patio areas and provide access to rooftop cooling and heating units.

We have installed over a million square feet of single-ply membrane and warranted hundreds of installations. Parker Johnston Industries Ltd. is an authorized installer of all major brands of single-ply membrane, and we employ specially-trained roofing professionals who maintain the highest standards of quality.

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