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Speciality Rainscreen Wallsystems

Because new rainscreen products often come onto the market that may not be suitable for our climate, Parker Johnston Industries Ltd. has the installation experience to reject these unsuitable products and only recommend those that meet the demands of our region. New products like Trespa, Swisspearl, Zinc, Copper, Tactl, and Prodema have been thoroughly tested to meet our climate requirements.



Our experts at Parker Johnston Industries Ltd. have been entrusted to distribute and install SWISSPEARL® premium façade systems on Vancouver Island. For years, SWISSPEARL® has been recognized as one of the most aesthetically pleasing rainscreen cladding alternatives on the market. It has built its reputation by fulfilling the creative needs of architects the world over – enabling them to plan and realize their vision. The culmination of our exceptional partnership with SWISSPEARL® is the peace of mind generated by knowing both the manufacturing and installation of this product has been completed to the highest standards.


Rodeca was founded in 1971 and was the first producer and inventor of translucent building elements with integrated glazing coupling, used originally in industrial buildings and sports halls.
Today, RODECA is the market-leader for transparent building elements, thanks to its continuing innovations in material and versatility. Parker Johnston Ind. Ltd. is proud to be the Island’s foremost supplier of Rodeca Translucent panel systems.


Trespa Meteon is an extremely flat phenolic panel constructed with wood fibres, reinforced with thermosetting resins, and manufactured under high pressure creating a closed-cell homogenous material. Trespa panels are bonded on a molecular level to the core and are available in a vast array of colored and decorative surfaces. The resulting properties prevent the material from delaminating or absorbing water. Trespa is amazingly impact- and graffiti-resistant, which makes it suitable for a wide range of exterior applications in high pedestrian traffic areas.

Parker Johnston Industries Ltd. is proud to be the leading supplier of Trespa panels on Vancouver Island.