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Jack Long: 49 years and counting

Posted on May 27th, by parker in Company News. No Comments

Jack Long: 49 years and counting

Jack Long. It’s an appropriate name for someone who has worked for Parker Johnston as long as Jack has. When he was 19 years old Jack was hired to work as a labourer and now, nearly 50 years later, he is still a valued member of our team.

In many ways you can map the history of Parker Johnston through Jack’s employment. When he started as a labourer back in 1964 the company was just a four man crew headed by founders Walter Parker and Bill Johnston. Jack apprenticed as a floor layer, back when the company was in the flooring business, and became a certified roofer as well. He even worked for six months in the offices at 1314 Broad street—a small hardware store once owned by Parker Johnston. As the company grew so did Jack’s knowledge and expertise, eventually leading him on a four year stint with the Public Works Department as the foreman in charge of re-roofing the Legislature. When the project reached its completion, Jack returned to Parker Johnston to work in the repairs department before moving into his current position as an estimator.

Over his career Jack has seen big changes in the roofing industry—like the introduction of fiberglass shingles—and big changes at Parker Johnston, including the expansion into flat roofing when Dan Parker joined the company in 1968 and continued growth since Rod Parker joined the team in 2001.

Now you can’t work for a company for nearly 50 years without a few funny stories to go along with you. Jack, as anyone who works here will tell you, is notorious for leaving his belongings around the office. Over the years there has been more than one fake appointment written into his scheduler and occasionally you will hear a splutter and a sigh of frustration as someone has yet again taped the bottom of Jack’s straw and put it back in his drink. Despite a little teasing Jack is well respected at Parker Johnston. He’s an old-school gentleman, always holding doors for our female staff and caring for the plants in our front reception.

As Jack will tell you, he’s spent nearly a third of his life anywhere between 15 and 60 feet off the ground and we’re glad he’s chosen to spend the majority of this time with us. As he approaches his 50 year milestone we’d like to thank Jack for his hard work and dedication to Parker Johnston.

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