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Maintenance & Repair

Roofs of all ages and types can benefit from regular maintenance. It maximizes the lifespan of the roof and also prevents potential problems from occurring through environmental and physical wear.

The type of maintenance a roof requires depends on the roof type, age, usage and complexity. Maintenance can range from cleaning the gutters twice a year to a complete renewal program.
Roof maintenance programs are designed to maximize the lifespan of the roof while minimizing the costs involved. By investing a small amount of money regularly on a roof, sudden expenditures for repairs and premature failures are much less likely.

Good planning and a roof maintenance schedule ensure that when a roof approaches the end of its lifespan and re-roofing is required, the building owner has maximized their initial investment and has had the opportunity to plan ahead for replacement.

Set up a Consultation:

Call us today for a maintenance proposal.  We will perform an initial inspection of your roof to determine the existing condition, identify any items that require immediate attention, and recommend a maintenance program to suit your building.  For new customers, the consultation fee is credited towards your first years maintenance program upon acceptance of our proposal.  Initial consultations are complimentary for all existing Parker Johnston customers.

We also provide 24-hour emergency repair service to protect the contents of your home and give you peace of mind.

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