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Roughriders Here We Come

26th August

We are proud to announce that Parker Johnston has been awarded the roofing and composite metal panels contract on the Mosaic Stadium in Regina!

Safety, Saddledome & Worksafe

2nd May

Jay Beddows, Parker Johnston’s Safety Practitioner and chief safety resource, has developed a working philosophy over his 8 years in this capacity. He believes the company achieves the best safety results when there is ‘buy-in’ to the company’s safety program from all levels of the organization. Jay believes this is won through education, consultation and constant open communication. The managers are given the tools and knowledge to implement Parker Johnston’s safety program within their respective divisions, and Jay’s role is to act as a resource when assistance is required.

The Calgary Saddledome project provided Jay with an excellent opportunity to test this philosophy and management style. Parker Johnston bid on, and won, this project in June, 2013. It was both high profile and risky the company’s B.C. operations precluded Jay from being on-site in Alberta. He travelled to Calgary, met the … Read More »

The Mighty Shingle

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2nd April

The modern asphalt shingle is made from fiberglass and has an asphalt saturated base. This granule covered side blocks ultraviolet light (slowing deterioration), provides physical protection against the elements and also allows for a wide variety of color options. The fiberglass base makes the shingles strong, fire resistant and difficult to tear even in high winds. Shingles were invented in 1901 and originally were made from organic materials like cotton.

At one point in time there used to be an ‘Asphalt Shingle and Research Institute’ that was responsible for the many innovations and changes in asphalt shingles. That organization was replaced by the ‘Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association’. When shingles are designed there are several qualities that must be considered: Shape/Texture, Solar Reflecting Ability, Wind Damage Resistance, Hail Damage Resistance, Fire Resistance, Algae Resistance, Locking Shingles & Durability.

Asphalt shingles offer the best … Read More »


21st March

Parker Johnston has quite a safety story. Injuries, as a whole, have dropped a whopping 35% since 2006. That’s an enviable safety record that any roofing company would want to call their own. The first thing you notice when talking to Jay Beddows, Parker Johnston Industries Safety Practitioner and chief safety resource, is how quick he is to give credit to all levels of the organization for their success. He credits Rod Parker’s management style, the divisional superintendents for stepping up to the plate and most especially, the workers for embracing the safety program.

It wasn’t always so. Jay assumed this position in 2006 after working for Parker Johnston since 1992, first as a journeyman roofer and subsequently as a foreman. His operational experience, he learned, could be both an asset and a liability. The rudimentary … Read More »

When to get a new roof?

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17th January

Most of us, at some point, have lived through roof leaks and tiles all over our yards (and our neighbour’s) after a high wind storm. Experiences we don’t wish to repeat. The good news is we don’t have to. The truth is we usually don’t think about our roofs until there is a problem and we have to. Inspecting a roof regularly and making little fixes as needed can prevent costly repairs down the road –and keep those raindrops where they belong — on the outside of the house. Don’t wait until the water is pouring into your home before taking action.

A new roof is a big investment that increases the value of your home. It’s an opportunity to enhance the appearance of your home and renew the first line of defense against the elements. … Read More »

Roof: The Director of Water

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17th December

It’s the time of year for owners to give serious attention to roof maintenance.  We are entering the winter season and this is when your roof will likely experience the most stress.  Establishing a regular roof maintenance program will protect your investment and will ensure your roofing system is operating optimally.  Years of life can be added to your roof by identifying and fixing those small problems before they become big problem. Unplanned fixes result in the dreaded unplanned cash outlay.

The primary purpose of any roof is to redirect water.  Precipitation, in all its forms, is a roof’s #1 enemy.  Fortunately on the west coast we don’t worry too much about the hazards of snow but our sometimes legendary rainfall amounts do require vigilance in the maintenance of roofing systems.  These systems provide safety from the elements, protect our contents … Read More »

We’ve Got You Covered Victoria

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20th November

 Keeping The Rain Off

As a Victoria resident, we enter into an implied contract. In exchange for living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, we are required to carry an umbrella 6 months a year, and own a good rain coat. We accept this. It is overall a great deal. However, like so many things, the devil is in the details. Check the fine print. While you have been busy keeping yourself dry, your home has been getting soaked. You just haven’t noticed.

Your roof and gutters are rain wear for your home, and you need to make sure they are in good order, or you may find yourself all wet. Even if you have not found a leak, the problem often lies in the damage you cannot see.  The slow, steady drizzle of rain we endure day after … Read More »

How your Roof Works and why it’s Important

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2nd October

As the summer months fade into fall, sunshine turns to rain and wind. If you haven’t kept your roof maintenance up to date, you could end up with a big problem — a leak. In some cases, you’ll notice a leak right away. After all, it’s hard to avoid the steady drip of water coming from the ceiling. However, in other cases, a leaky roof may be more insidious. Water damage can cause major problems, to the point where you may need to repair substantial portions of your home. Over the next few blog posts, we’re going to look at how your roof works, why professional maintenance is important, and what you can do to prevent costly repairs.

In this first post we’ll give you a little insight into the two main types of roofs, how they differ, and the importance … Read More »

We’re Moving!

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18th June


Rod Parker was recently featured in the Times Colonist announcing plans to relocate to a new facility. Here’s a excerpt from the article…

“In December, Parker Johnston is moving to 6791 Oldfield Rd., where construction is underway on the .85 hectare former Keating Used Auto and Truck Parts property….

A new 28,000 square foot building, designed by Victoria’s de Hoog and Kierulf Architects, will consolidate the company’s operations into one place. “This area is going through a bit of a resurgence,” Parker said.

The total cost of the new location will be $8.5 million, representing the cost of buying and remediating the site, constructing the new building and buying at least $1.5 million in new equipment, such as a rolling mill to create custom cladding which will help reduce costs, he said.”

Metal Scraps & Golf Tournaments

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13th June

Remember holding bottle drives when you were a kid – scouring the neighbourhood for pop cans and 2-litre plastic Coke bottles? Maybe you were raising money for your annual Cub Scout camping trip, or just trying to earn a little extra cash to buy the latest video game. Whatever the reason, you took the job seriously and didn’t let a single can or bottle pass you buy.

Every month at Parker Johnston we have our own version of a bottle drive when we collect and recycle scrap metal from our many residential and commercial roofing projects. The money we get for returning this metal goes into our Employee Fund.  In February alone we recycled over 12,560 Ibs of metal scraps—imagine how many video games we could buy!

Actually, the Employee Fund is used to pay for a number of staff and charity … Read More »

Jack Long: 49 years and counting

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27th May

Jack Long. It’s an appropriate name for someone who has worked for Parker Johnston as long as Jack has. When he was 19 years old Jack was hired to work as a labourer and now, nearly 50 years later, he is still a valued member of our team.

In many ways you can map the history of Parker Johnston through Jack’s employment.

A History to be Proud of.

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11th March

An important aspect of our company that sets us apart in the industry is our unique history. Parker Johnston was founded in 1950 by Walter Parker and Bill Johnston, and quickly established itself as a firm with integrity and expertise. In 1968, Dan Parker, Walter Parker’s son, joined the business and helped the company to thrive and expand. Finally, in 1999 the company welcomed its third generation of Parkers to the team with the addition of Rod Parker. The company has since grown to become one of the largest roofing and cladding contractors in BC. To learn more about our history, click here.

A multi-generational, family history like ours brings over sixty years of knowledge and trusted expertise to the roofing business. With that said, we are excited to give you a sneak peek into the 4th generation of Parkers, with … Read More »

Giving Back to Our Community

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31st January

For our team at Parker Johnston, supporting our community is almost as important to us as supporting the roofs we build. Generosity is defined as the habit of giving without expecting anything in return. Even without expectations, it is an amazing feeling to see the results and hear the success of your efforts first hand. We couldn’t be happier about some of the kind words that have been written on our Testimonials page.

As you may already know, this year we decided to put our own spin on “Movember” to create “Beardvember”, much to our spouses delight. We thought this would be a great opportunity to raise money for our community and make a difference on a more personal level. We contacted one of our clients, School District #63 (Saanich), who let us know their breakfast and lunch program, that supports … Read More »

Awards & Upwards

31st December

2012 was another productive year for Parker Johnston! We participated in the Saanich School District #63 re-roofing program, completed the window replacements for Dallas Place, and of course we completed Uptown Mall’s Phase 2! We’re excited to play a part in the groundbreaking complex and can’t wait to find out which new retailers Uptown will bring to Victoria.

We were also recognized at the 2012 Commercial Building Awards with eleven awards for our work. We couldn’t be more proud of our team.

Jeneece Place: Excellence Award for Community Housing & Community Award
Beacon Plaza: Excellence Award for Commercial – Retail Renovation
Victoria BMW: Excellence Award for Commercial – Auto
Landrover Jaguar: Excellence Award for Commercial – Auto & Judges Choice Award
Langford City Park: Excellence Award for Commercial – Recreation
North Saanich Middle School: Excellence Award for Educational & Green Award
The Oriental: Excellence Award for Heritage
834 Johnson: Excellence … Read More »

Galas, Beards & Scrums – Our Community Update

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21st December

Supporting our community has been Parker Johnston’s legacy since 1950. We are actively involved in the community by making donations to charitable and not-for profit organizations and supporting many community events.

We donated to local community associations and causes such as the Visions gala hosted by the Victoria Hospitals Foundation. We are also proud to support the YMCA-YWCA Greater Victoria, Victoria Dragon Boat Festival, Pacific Salmon Foundation, Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association, Westshore Rebels Football Association, Steve Drane Racing and the David Foster Foundation to name a few.

This year, the boys of PJ put our own spin on Movember with “Beard-vember”. Parker Johnston matched all the money raised by our scruffy roofers and donated it to support hot lunch programs at local schools. Check out our Facebook album for photos!

We also continually support the Velox Rugby Clubs in … Read More »

Lessons from Quinton

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23rd August

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our staff! Quinton is a puppy who loves to eat and dance, but not at the same time or the kibble flies everywhere.

He’s exceptionally smart for his age. So smart in fact that he’s constantly reminding us of our core business values. Pretty cool pup, huh?

For instance, Quinton is the best cardboard recycler in town. To see him attack a cardboard box and break it down in 20 seconds flat is inspiring, and it makes us realize we want to work just as hard in advancing our own sustainable building initiatives.

Like Parker Johnston, Quinton is really big on safety. He attends ‘Puppy Boot Camp’ 3 days a week (The Dog Company) to make sure he gets along with everyone. We have to admit he is having a hard time accepting … Read More »

Our first blog post

30th May

As usual, a lot has been going on with Parker Johnston this season. First of all, you may have noticed that we have a brand new website! We’ve been working hard to get our new site launched and we’re very proud of the final result. We hope you find our navigation easy to use and can find information on all of our service offerings. What do you think?

We have some large and exciting commercial projects on the go right now. Parker Johnston is currently working on the Uptown Shopping Centre Phase II, and we’re excited to be a part of what will soon be a Victoria landmark. We’re also roofing the Mondrian, a beautiful new real estate development Downtown. You can also find our team busy roofing Sobey’s new Distribution Centre, which is a great new advancement for the company. … Read More »