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When to get a new roof?

Posted on January 17th, by parker in Residential Roofing. 3 comments

When to get a new roof?

3 Responses to “When to get a new roof?”

  1. eddie says:

    usually when a leak emerges people will rush to fix this issue, thats great, but having know some of the other problems before that would have saved some time and money. Like for example having known that there were some damaged shingles on the roof and fixing them would prevent the leak from happening. Or having the chimney flashing thats damaged will also be a big potential for leaks. And if there’s been a leak for a while rotting will occur and most times that will result in major repairs so taking some time and assessing damages will be beneficial.

  2. Lemuel says:

    Usually the only thing I check if im gonna repair the roof if there’s any leaking. But thanks to this informative articles. Im going to prevent damage before it gets worst. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mark says:

    There are some very valid points in this article. When hiring a roofing company you need to check for licenses and insurance coverage – but also workman’s comp. The last thing you want is someone falling off your roof and suing you.

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